Exemption 38 Assessment

Welcome to your Exemption 38 Assessment

Candidate's Instructions

  1. This is a closed book assessment
  2. Please remove all notes and books from your table
  3. Candidates should read each question carefully before answering
  4. Multiple choice questions have only one possible answer, indicate your response by selecting the appropriate answer
  5. No communication is permitted other than with the Assessment Supervisor
  6. No candidate may leave their table for the duration of the Assessment
  7. When instructed you may commence the Assessment
  8. To pass, you must obtain a 70% or higher mark
  9. At the completion of the Assessment check your answers then select the "Submit" button at the end of the Assessment
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1. The lights displayed indicate

2. the lights displayed indicate

3. The lights displayed indicate

4. The lights displayed indicate

5. A single engine vessel with a right handed propeller will move her stern to port when going astern

6. When towing another vessel a watch should be kept

7. It is preferred to berth a single engine vessel with a right hand propeller

8. The spacing of isobars indicates

9. A buoy displaying 2 black cones with their apexes together

10. A Fishermans or Admiralty pattern anchor may not hold in light variable winds

11. A knot can reduce the strength of a fibre rope by as much as 50 %

12. The strongest method of forming a loop in the end of a line is to

13. In restricted visibility a vessel will

14. Which two code flags indicate distress and need of assistance?

15. When proceeding along a narrow channel, vessels should

16. A sidelight shows a light over an arc of

17. Code flag A is displayed by

18. You observe a square shape with a ball below it, this indicates

19. A masthead light shows a light over an arc of

20. The term underway means that a vessel is

21. The term ‘sailing vessel’ means a vessel that

22. Water jet propulsion is safer than propellers around swimmers

23. A vessel will not lift easily and become harder to steer when:

24. Slack tanks in a vessel can

25. When the weight is moved from the centre line at deck level to the centerline low down in a vessel

26. A large stern trim can lead to pooping when the vessel is:

27. A heliograph is

28. A stiff vessel has:

29. Passengers must remain below when refuelling a vessel

30. A continuous sounding with any fog signalling apparatus is used to indicate:

31. Match the following

a. Safe Water Mark
b. Isolated Danger Mark
c. Cardinal Mark
d. Special Mark


1. FlY
2. Fl(2)
3. Top mark is a red sphere
4. Top marks are 2 black cones

32. During refuelling a vessel shall display:

33. When the wind backs it is:

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