IALA Buoyage System Assessment

Welcome to your IALA Buoyage System Assessment

Student Assessment Instructions

1. This is a closed book Assessment.The video link between the student and the supervisor is to remain on throughout the assessment.

2. All notes, books and mobile phones are to be removed from the table.

3. Mobile phones are to be turned off and not used during the assessment.

4. Students should read each question carefully before answering.

5. All questions are to be answered.

6. No communication is permitted other than with the Assessment Supervisor.

7. No student may leave the room for the duration of the Assessment.

8. When instructed you may commence the Assessment.

9. To pass, you must obtain a 70% or higher mark.

Student Name
Date of Assessment
Student Phone Number
1. Describe in detail the light characteristics of:

a. South Cardinal Mark

b. Isolated Danger Mark

c. Special Mark

d. Port Lateral Mark

2. Describe the Top Mark of:

a. Starboard Lateral Mark

b. Port Lateral mark

c. East Cardinal Mark

d. Safe Water Mark

3. State the colour of:

a. Starboard Lateral Mark

b. Port Lateral Mark

c. Isolated Danger Mark

d. East Cardinal Mark

4. Explain the numbering system for lateral marks

5. Give 2 methods to establish the direction of buoyage

6. Explain when you would leave a Port Lateral Mark to Starboard when proceeding along a channel

7. How does a special mark indicate a secondary meaning

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