Master <24 Coastal Navigation Assessment Online

Welcome to your Master 24 Coastal Navigation Assessment Online Question 3 to 9

Student Assessment Instructions

1. This is a closed book Assessment.

2. The video link between the student and the supervisor is to remain on throughout the assessment.

3. All notes, books and mobile phones are to be removed from the table.

4. Mobile phones are to be turned off and not used during the assessment.

5. Students should read each question carefully before answering.

6. All questions are to be answered.

7. No communication is permitted other than with the Assessment Supervisor.

8. No student may leave the room for the duration of the Assessment.

9. When instructed you may commence the Assessment.

10. To pass, you must obtain a 70% or higher mark.

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3. (10 MARKS)

The following Radar ranges were obtained simultaneously by a vessel:

  • Cape Liptrap 8 nm

  • Shellback Island West Edge 10 nm

  • Great Glennie Island North Edge 10 nm

a. Find the Latitude and Longitude of the vessels position.

b. Find the True bearing of Norman Island Peak from the position.

c. What is the approximate depth of water in the vessel’s position?

4. (10 MARKS)

At 1500 hours the Southern edges of Rabbit Island and Rag Island are observed in Transit when a sounding of 50 metres is noted.

a. What is the Latitude and Longitude of the vessel’s position at 1500 hours?

b. From that position find the Compass Course to steer to the entrance of Refuge Cove.

5. (10 MARKS)

While steering 185° True to the West of Cleft Island the Southern edges of Cleft and Kanowna Islands were in transit bearing 075° Compass.

Calculate the deviation of the compass

Please include all your workings

6. (10 MARKS)

Explain the following terms and their meanings associated with navigation by an electronic aid such as GPS:

a. Waypoint

b. Cross Track Error (XTE)

c. Great Circle Course


e. Rhumb Line Course

7. (10 MARKS)

Describe in detail the following symbols used on charts:

a. Oc(3) 10s 18m 15M

b. Green shaded areas

c. What is the meaning of the Magenta shaded area south of Wilson’s Promontory?

d. On Chart Aus 802 what unit of measure is used for soundings

e. What is the height of Forty Foot Rocks (Nth of Rodondo Is.)

8. (15 MARKS)

At 0915 Curtis Island Peak was observed bearing 129° C, while the vessel steered a course of 069° C at an estimated speed of 9 knots.

At 0955 the same peak was observed bearing 205° C.

a. What was the Latitude and Longitude of the vessel at 0955?

Please include your workings

b. Is this a safe course? Explain your answer.

Please include your workings

9. (15 MARKS)

At 1130 hours while steering 304° T at 12 knots the LHE of Hogan Island bore 358° C range 10.4 nm.

At 1330 hours the following simultaneous bearings were taken:

  • RHE Rodondo Island 193° C
  • Anser Island Peak 272° C
  • East Moncoeur Island Light 113° C

Calculate the set and drift experienced.

Please include your workings

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