Master <24 Nautical Knowledge Assessment Online

Welcome to your Master 24 Nautical Knowledge Assessment Online

Student Assessment Instructions

1. This is a closed book Assessment.

2. The video link between the student and the supervisor is to remain on throughout the assessment.

3. All notes, books and mobile phones are to be removed from the table.

4. Mobile phones are to be turned off and not used during the assessment.

5. Students should read each question carefully before answering.

6. All questions are to be answered.

7. No communication is permitted other than with the Assessment Supervisor.

8. No student may leave the room for the duration of the Assessment.

9. When instructed you may commence the Assessment.

10. To pass, you must obtain a 70% or higher mark.

Assessment Date
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1. (5 MARKS)

Explain the legal obligation of a Master in response to receiving a distress call.

2. (5 MARKS)

List eight documents required to be carried on board a 15 metre vessel.

3. (5 MARKS)

What precautions must be observed in the dumping at sea of:

a. Food waste

b. Items contained in plastic bags.

4. (5 MARKS)

a. In which direction do winds travel around a high-pressure system in the Southern Hemisphere?

b. Explain the term ‘pressure gradient”.

5. (5 MARKS)

List five ways by which you might gain weather information.

6. (5 MARKS)

List the signs of the approach of a TRS.

7. (5 MARKS)

Explain how you would turn a twin engine vessel short round in a confined harbour.

8. (15 MARKS)

a. Explain the effects of interaction on your vessel at the stern amidships and bow of a large vessel when overtaking in a narrow channel.

b. Describe the sound signals used by each vessel when overtaking in a narrow channel

9. (5 MARKS)

Name two of the below anchor types and discuss their advantages and disadvantages

10. (10 MARKS)

Match the following

a. 2 black balls
b. 1 red sphere
c. Structure coloured black yellow black
d. A red can
e. Fl(6) + LFl

1. East cardinal mark
2. Isolated danger mark
3. Safe water mark
4. Lateral mark
5. South cardinal mark

11. (5 MARKS)

List the signs of deterioration in:

a. natural fibre

b. synthetic rope

c. wire rope

12. (5 MARKS)

Detail the procedure and checks you would carry out before crossing a river bar.

13. (5 MARKS)

You are to re-fuel your vessel. List the necessary precautions to safeguard against fire and pollution.

14. (15 MARKS)

a. In what circumstances should automatic steering not be engaged?

b. Explain how you would berth a single shaft right hand propeller vessel on the north side of a wharf in a southerly wind with the tidal stream flowing along the berth.

c. Explain the handling techniques used in heavy weather with regard to speed, stability and turning.

15. (5 MARKS)

Explain Canal Effect

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