MTS Marine Licence & PWC Training – Course Survey


Welcome to the MTS Marine Licence and PWC Training - Course Survey

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Q1. Thinking in general about the Marine Licence & PWC Endorsement Training Course you are undertaking with Marine Training Services, how would you rate the course?

Q2. How strongly do you agree or disagree with the following statements:

a. You were given a clear idea of what you could achieve by the end of the course.

b. The topics covered in the course were interesting.

c. The trainer had a good knowledge of the subject they were teaching.

d. You will use the information taught in the Marine Licence Training Course.

Q 3. How did you find out about this course?

Q4. What did you like BEST about the course?

Q5. What did you like LEAST about the course?

Q6. Do you have any further Comments?

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