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Remote Learning
is the term used for study undertaken by correspondence or externally of a course venue. Remote Learning means students can enrol in a course and learn at their own pace – at home or onboard their vessel. However, some practical tasks and assessments are carried out during a practical onboard tuition boat trip on our training vessel Delphinus.

Upon enrolment students who choose the Remote Learning option, will be sent all print based resources. Students then have the option of learning at home, onboard their vessel or a relevant work place. It is expected that most of the learning will take place onboard a vessel. For safety reasons, all practical activities should only be carried out under the supervision of a responsible mentor such as the master or skipper of the vessel.

All course units can be studied by Remote Learning with the exception of the following:

  • Elements of Shipboard Safety (Level 2 First Aid, Liferafting and Firefighting)
  • Onboard Tuition
  • Assessment

Remote Learning students can attend any scheduled courses by contacting the office to make arrangements.

Students are encouraged to work through the course one unit at a time, sit the assessment, then move on to the next

Assessments may be sat in the classroom with a scheduled course or at our office in Geelong by arrangement.

If assistance with any part of the course is required, students can contact the office and arrange to speak to an Instructor.

Queries can either be discussed over the phone, or if required tuition can be arranged.

Remote Learning students are given 12 months from the date of enrolment to successfully complete all course requirements. Students who have not completed the course within the 12 month period may be required to re-enrol and pay a further course fee.

Following are the theory components that can be studied by Remote Learning:

Coxswain Grade 1 and Coxswain Grade 2 NC

  • Nautical Knowledge
  • Engineering Knowledge
  • Marine Radiotelephone Operations (MROCP)

Master <24m NC

  • Coastal Navigation
  • Radar
  • Ship Knowledge
  • Nautical Knowledge


  • Engineering Knowledge


  • Engineering Knowledge


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